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Get to know us better and get a glimpse behind the scenes of our company or maybe even become part of it.

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Take a look at our home port at Tössegg or ask about the weather


As the largest company not subsidized by the federal government or the canton, we offer on the High Rhine

between Eglisau - Tösssegg - Rüdlingen - Ellikon from Palm Sunday until mid-October.


Max Frigerio Sr. laid the foundation for shipping based on the Tössegg (Teufen ZH) in 1952 when he took over the Tössegg – Buchberg ferry.


In 1953 he started under the name of Max Frigerio's Rhein-Schifffahrt with the ferry "Tössegg" and the first passenger ship MS Fly into the future.

He then expanded the offer with the first regular boat trips and extra trips in the Eglisau storage area to Rüdlingen.

The brothers Max Frigerio Jr. and Heinz Frigerio took over the family business in 1978, at the same time the regular shipping was expanded to Ellikon. The MS Hecht was also built and put into operation in the same year.

In 1987, the first dredging work was carried out for the Tössegg boathouse, and this was completed in 1988.

In 1988 we were allowed to start the season with the MS Rhenus, which was added to our fleet as a scheduled ship.

On June 1, 1993, the "flagship" MS Rhystern, the company's largest ship, was built and commissioned specifically for this area.


The shipping company Züri - Rhy AG was founded in 1998 with Heinz Frigerio as managing director

“steered” into the future.


We have been sailing the Zurich High Rhine for many years now and look forward to your visit on board.

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